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Correct maintenance will extend the life of sand filled carpets by more
than 30%, as well as maximising player enjoyment and safety

We offer a range of maintenance packages that can be tailored to suit your budget requirements and help you maximise the life of your playing surface.

Drag brushing and rotary brushing alone does not alleviate the problem of infill compaction. As brushing alone only works within a 2mm-3mm pile depth.

All sand filled carpets need to have infill cleaned to a depth of more than 5mm on an annual or bi-annual basis.

Due to pile height contraction caused by wear, all sand filled carpets need to have infill levels regulated, to ensure a 2mm pile height clearance. A failure to regulate infill levels will reduce the life expectancy of the surface and will make the surface unsafe in terms of traction.

Sand Filled for...
Ideal for netball
Ideal for tennis
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Maintenance Problems & Solutions

Chemical treatment and deep surface clean
Decompaction/aeration of infill. All sand filled carpets need to have infill cleaned to a depth of 5mm-10mm on an annual or bi-annual.
Seam repair service by our skilled operatives. Our annual or bi-annual visit would highlight any seam or line movement
Top dressing of new infill material with a 2mm pile heigh clearance.
Full or partial rejuvenation of surface, removal of infill and reaplcement material brought in

Service Levels and Rejuvenation



Signs of poor drainage which may require rejuvenation:

  • Appearance of numerous and persistent puddles after light rainfall
  • Slimy residue on the playing surface after surface waters have subsided
  • Infill waste spreading to the outside of the playing surface
  • Surface becoming dangerously slippery, especially in wet conditions

Our rejuvenation process uses specialist machinery to release compacted infill, remove contaminated infill and to then dress and level new infill to appropriate pile height levels.

Service Levels

Service Levels

Sports Maintenance Services offer a complete de-compaction service, which ensures the synthetic carpet is being deep cleaned and aerated, so preserving drainage and safe play characteristics.Effective maintenance based on decompaction ensures rejuvenation and revitalisation expenditures are avoided.

We offer two levels of service linked to regular professional maintenance of synthetic surfaces. Frequency of required service depends upon intensity of use and age of surface. Client budgets can be flexed across both levels of service.

Correct Maintenance Procedure

Sand Filled – Correct Maintenance Procedures
Procedure Time Scale In House Outsource
Wind blowing of surface to remove debris or litter Fortnightly  
Brushing of surface with drag/rotary brush to agitate pile and surface infill Weekly/Fortnightly  
Inspect of seams and inlaid lines Weekly/Fortnightly  
Chemical treatment of permiter areas for moss and algae Bi-annual (Spring and Autumn)  
Remarking of temporary sports lines if lines are not inlaid Annual or Bi-annual  
Revilisation through decompaction, aeration and pile infill cleaning to depths greater than 5mm. Annual or Bi-annual  
BSEN Test reports and certification to governing body standards (FiH) Annual  

Recently Completed

We have worked with hundreds of companies across the UK, to provide a professional maintenance service – incorporating independent testing as standard.

Before / After Redhouse School, Stockton on Tees

By using a reclaimed carpet the school were able to save around 50% on material costs and were able to install a high performing sports and play surface within their budget.

Redhouse School, Stockton on Tees

Specialist Maintenance of All  Sand Filled 1G Sports Surfaces

Professional maintenance incorporating independent testing as standard – vital to ensure safe play characteristics and consistent play qualities.


Tennis Benefits

  • Uniform bounce
  • Play speed can be manipulated i.e. height/speed of bounce and amount of grip/spin
  • Can allow some skid underfoot where required

Hockey Benefits

  • Slightly slower speed than 2G – good for practice/coaching
  • Solid underfoot allows for true roll of ball

We recommend a programme of maintenance for the following reasons:

  • Maintains a healthy and safe playing environment
  • Enhances playability
  • Contributes to the efficiency of drainage
  • Increases longevity of the pitch
  • Often complies with manufacturer’s warranty condition

If you wish to undertake some aspects of maintenance yourself, we can offer the following items.

  • Chemical cleaning agents
  • Maintenance DIY Kit
  • 24″ walkover chemical applicator
  • Wind blowing back-pack machine
  • Quad Bikes
  • Heavy Duty Drag Brushes & Brush
  • Heads
  • Grooming Drag Mat
  • Sports Silica

Why choose Sports Maintenance?

Over 20 years experience maintaining sports surfaces across the UK

  • Ensures Manufacturer’s product guarantees for up to 7 years (conditional on maintenance).
  • Installation guarantees for up 7 years (conditional on maintenance).
  • Product knowledge and an understanding of problems occurring due to incorrect maintenance procedures.
  • Specialist de-compaction equipment with a 15 year track record of success in maintaining pitches across Europe
  • Specialist chemicals and chemical equipment for the treatment of weeds, moss and algae.
  • Specialist paints and line marking equipment for marking out or remarking lines on synthetic surfaces.


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