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Correct maintenance will extend the life of Grey Green Courts by more
than 30%, as well as maximising player enjoyment and safety.

Grey Green courts are bitumen or resin bound court surfaces with a top dressing of shale/grit which is evenly spread and partly adhered to the surface.

A traditional court surface, Grey Green courts give a medium fast game with a low ball bounce.

As grit migrates over time, they will require additional top dressing.  After a gentle jet wash and chemical treatment Sports Maintenance Services would refresh the grit levels and apply additional resin if needed.  Repairs would also be carried out if required.

Moss and Algae contamination
Use of COSHH approved chemicals and di-algae accessories and industrial pressure cleaning.
Surface pitting and cracks
Infra ray heat treatments can be performed for cracks and small holes. Patch Repairs.
Slippery areas
Resurfacing and retexturing.
Uneven areas
Resurfacing and retexturing or full refurbishment in extreme cases.
Subsidence and root encroachmentDisk cutting and re-levelling of subsidence.
Migration of grit on ‘Grey Green’ hard courtsAdditional top dressing and application of additional resin if required.

Why choose Sports Maintenance?

Over 15 years experience maintaining sports surfaces across the UK

  • Ensures Manufacturer’s product guarantees for up to 7 years (conditional on maintenance).
  • Installation guarantees for up 7 years (conditional on maintenance).
  • Product knowledge and an understanding of problems occurring due to incorrect maintenance procedures.
  • Specialist de-compaction equipment with a 15 year track record of success in maintaining pitches across Europe
  • Specialist chemicals and chemical equipment for the treatment of weeds, moss and algae.
  • Specialist paints and line marking equipment for marking out or remarking lines on synthetic surfaces.


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