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Our company offers a complimentary site survey to all our new customers. Our standard survey gives you feedback on the following key troubleshooting areas:


1. Surface Levels/subsidence

These are inspected and we would highlight any trip hazards that would be of a health and safety concern. We are able to perform surface repairs to a variety of common hard surface problems –

  • Info ray heat treatments for cracks and small holes
  • Compression of root encroachment
  • Disk cutting and re-levelling of subsidence
  • Patch repairs.


2. Moss and Algae.

This can look unsightly and can create slippery areas, which may lead to accidents.  It can also compromise the structural integrity of the court.


3. Porosity (synthetics)

Inspection for signs of ‘ponding’ and silt residues, which can occur after inappropriate maintenance, so causing slip hazards.


4. Pile Height for Synthetic Carpets.

This gives information on how much life there is left within the carpet and in key wear areas.


5. Infill Levels

Infill levels are inspected as incorrect infill levels can cause loss of traction and contribute to unsafe play characteristics


6. Compaction

Compression of infill through intensive use.  Compaction is a key factor in reduced drainage and detrimental play characteristics.

Flood Damage

7. Flood Damage

Tennis and netball courts, as well as other artificial sports surfaces such as AGPs and MUGAs, can be badly affected by flood water and a planned approach to clean up is required to maintain safety and the long term use of the facility. Read more here.

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