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Artificial pitches have become an increasingly popular choice around the UK

From schools to universities, football clubs, leisure clubs and beyond, they offer a wide range of benefits. The most obvious being they can be used for most of the year and therefore can help to bring in more revenue. However, this is only true if artificial pitch maintenance is carried out regularly.

Why is artificial pitch maintenance so important?

As with any kind of pitch, you need to look after it to keep it in the best condition. Doing this will not only make it possible to play on but also safe enough to use.

You certainly do not want to have a pitch in your school or leisure centre that people could injure themselves on when using it. This is exactly why regular artificial pitch maintenance is so essential.

Artificial Pitch Maintenance

Artificial Pitch Repair & Maintenance

What are the common dangers to look out for?

When it comes to artificial pitch maintenance, there are a few common problems to keep an eye out for. The first is litter and debris accumulating on the surface. This could damage the artificial turf if left unchecked and also be a trip hazard for players.

Alongside this, the other common issues you could have if you do not maintain your artificial pitch are worn areas and standing water. These could prove dangerous slip hazards and be a sign that artificial pitch maintenance is urgently needed.

How can Sports Maintenance Services help?

The issue for some sporting clubs or institutions with artificial pitches is having the time to inspect and maintain them. Sometimes, there may simply not be enough people or hours in the day to do it as often as you would like. There is also the issue of having the correct machinery on-site to use – if a specialist machine or treatment is needed to fix any problems, it could prove costly to resolve yourself.

Artificial Pitch Maintenance

Artificial Pitch Maintenance

Where we come in!

This is where we come in. Our expert artificial pitch maintenance package will take the hassle away from you and let us keep your pitch in top condition. All of our team members are fully trained and will be able to identify and fix any problems they come across.

The package we offer is superb value for money and will help to keep your artificial surface usable all year round. We only use the latest technology and methods when maintaining pitches for total peace of mind.

Get in touch with us today!

If you would like more details about our artificial pitch maintenance package then get in touch today. Our friendly team will be on hand to talk you through what it covers and how it can help your club or organisation.

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