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Protection and repair for sports pitches

There’s nothing more frustrating than looking forward to your event or hobby, only to find out there’s been a storm or a rush of heavy rainfall during the night.

As you approach your pitch, you feel a glimmer of hope, only to have it crushed when you discover your pitch is waterlogged. You have to let down everyone involved in the event, and everyone’s disappointed.

There’s also a chance you could lose revenue if you have to refund any fees or keep paying for minor repairs that never seem to do the job.

Flood damage on sports pitches is one of the most common reasons why so many events get called off, but you can minimise the risks using Sports Maintenance to repair and protect your pitches.

4 reasons your pitch keeps getting waterlogged

Flooding spots are a bit like a clogged plug hole. Dirt and hair build up around the plug, and water struggles to pass through, which creates a puddle of water around the hole. The water will eventually pass through, but it takes a long time.

There can be many reasons why pitches trap water, but here are a few common causes:

  1. The construction team that installed your pitch didn’t do the job properly

  2. Your drainage system is inadequate

  3. Sand, rubber or other infill has compacted, resulting in the blockage of your draining system

  4. Your pitch could be unsuitable for a particular climate or weather conditions

What are the risks?

There’s nothing wrong with having a little water on your pitch, we’ve all played sport in the rain and it can be great fun. But you should be aware of the risks, so you know where to draw the line:

  • Parts of the pitch may become damaged, lifted or moved and receive further damage if people play on them.

  • Players can get injuries such as overturned ankles, twisted knees and pulled groins.

  • The distribution of debris and sediment over affected areas creates serious problems. Some flood sediments contain harmful substances such as petroleum hydrocarbons, E.coli and salmonella.

  • Any insurance claims could be affected if you’ve knowingly played on a water-damaged pitch.

How can Sports Maintenance help?

We can help solve the problem you’re having with your waterlogged pitch by applying the following troubleshooting methods:

  • Flood checks – check for floods and proceed with clean up and maintenance

  • Service levels/subsinence check – identifying trip hazards and any other problems with your surface

  • Moss and algae check – create slippery courts and pitches and compromise structure

  • Porosity check – look for signs of ponding, where slip hazards can occur

  • Compaction check – look for signs that the infill is compressed causing blockage

Benefits of using Sports Maintenance

  • We provide a complimentary site survey, so you don’t have to worry about any diagnostics costs.
  • We’ve got a fantastic in-house team, which ensures our dedication and commitment to the job.
  • State-of-the-art testing; we use all the latest equipment and technology to diagnose and repair your problems.
  • We’re an approved contractor, and have worked with clients like Chelsea F.C.
  • We can help with a variety of surfaces, such as netball, football, basketball, tennis, track and multi-use pitches.

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