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Synthetic surfaces that are nearing the end of their life need to be disposed of in an ethical and environmentally responsible manner.

Current practices do not recognise any existing value in the carpet or the infill at the end of the surface’s life and as such they are land filled.


Sports Maintenance Services endorse the Recycling process which reclaims infill and carpet, allowing you to unlock the values within the pitch. The process gives to the following options:-

1. Reuse the infills and the synthetic carpet on site.
2. Reposition to the synthetic carpet.
3. Relocate the synthetic carpet.

Benefits to the environment:

The unique benefit of Recycling is that it releases values locked away in the carpet and infill, therefore preventing waste.


  • Zero solid waste going to landfill
  • Manufacturing emissions reduced
  • New jobs are created in the supply chain
  • Recovered carpet and infills are put to good use in community and school programs
  • Logistical and transport costs reduced
  • Reduced carbon footprint linked to emissions from transport

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