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Correct maintenance will extend the life of sand filled carpets by more than 30%, as well as maximising player enjoyment and safety

Many clients are now opting to convert their existing hard court to synthetic. Providing your existing hard court is in reasonable condition and level, you can have a synthetic carpet of your choice professionally fitted over the older hard surface.

Carpet overlays are cushioned, safe to play on and give a medium paced game. They will restore consistent play characteristics and have a 10-15 year life span.

These overlay systems can be sand filled or sand dressed. Giving medium fast for sand filled and medium slow for sand dressed.

Maintenance Problems & Solutions

Chemical treatment and deep surface clean.
Decompaction/aeration of infill. All sand dressed carpets need to have infill cleaned to a depth of more than 5mm on an annual or bi-annual basis.
Seam repair service by our skilled operatives. Our annual or bi-annual visit would highlight any seam or line movement
Top dressing of new infill material with a 2mm pile height clearance.
Full or partial rejuvenation of surface, removal of infill and reaplcement material brought in

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