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Sports Maintenance Services not only troubleshoot and diagnose issues across football pitches, but also maintain, renovate and install.

Artificial sports pitches and courts will take a beating through heavy use and through rough weather conditions, but pitch maintenance can ensure that player safety is maintained at all times and can significantly increase the lifespan of the pitches too.

Correct care and maintenance can add as much as 30% to the life-span of pitches and here we explore some of the care and maintenance services that can be provided to prolong the lifespan.

We offer a range of maintenance and renovation packages that can be tailored to suit your budget requirements and help you maximise the life of your playing surface.

Professional Pitch Maintenance

Sand filled & sand dressed carpets

Sand filled and Sand dressed carpets need to be cleaned on a bi-annual or quarterly basis to keep them level and well maintained.

The pile levels will change over time and if they are not maintained this will lead to pile collapse and irreversible damage to the surface. Maintenance for sand filled and sand dressed carpets will include a deep surface clean with chemical treatments.

We will then decompact the infill. The process is undertaken over the whole surface and in a transverse directional pattern, fully releasing compacted infill and ground-in matter. This allows for free drainage. Seam repair are carried out wherever required, followed by top dressings to counter pile collapses.

Chemical treatments, carpet repairs and surface testing are all integrated into our maintenance packages. For recreational multi use we would offer official BS EN 15330 testing but for competitive use we would direct clients to governing body testing (eg FIH).

Before & After maintenance

Water filled

Pitch Maintenance

Water filled hockey pitches need to be maintained annually to avoid algae contamination.

We use proven European chemicals that can be applied directly to the surface or we can supply you with the chemical to use in your irrigation system. During our maintenance visit any minor carpet repairs are carried out.

We would also provide annual FIH testing for competitive use as part of our fixed maintenance package.

Rubber filled

Rubber filled pitches should be cleaned bi-annually or quarterly, depending upon the intensity of use. Treatments will include a deep clean with chemical treatments and de-compaction to allow proper drainage.

Seam and patch repairs are carried our where required. Carrying out this regular maintenance can save you from heavy rejuvenation fees that will be required after four to five years if the pitch is properly maintained
 or neglected.

As part of our maintenance packages we offer integrated testing. For competitive use we offer official FA, FIFA, or WR testing. For recreational multi use – we direct clients to official BS EN 15330 testing on an annual basis. This service is free to customers on our maintenance contracts.

Rubber Filled 3G Pitches

Chemical treatment and carpet repairs are also integrated into all our maintenance packages.

Proper pitch maintenance is vital if you want to improve the longevity of your pitch and protect player safety at all times. Depending on the pitches you may need renovation on an annual, bi-annual or quarterly basis to save you from much greater costs that you may face in the long run otherwise.

This maintenance and renovation may increase the lifespan of your pitch by up to 30% by allowing for proper drainage, preventing compaction and eliminating harmful contamination.

Why choose Sports Maintenance?

  • Ensures Manufacturer’s product guarantees for up to 7 years (conditional on maintenance).
  • Installation guarantees for up 7 years (conditional on maintenance).
  • Product knowledge and an understanding of problems occurring due to incorrect maintenance procedures.
  • Specialist de-compaction equipment with a 10 year track record of success in maintaining pitches across Europe
  • Specialist chemicals and chemical equipment for the treatment of weeds, moss and algae.
  • Specialist paints and line marking equipment for marking out or remarking lines on synthetic surfaces.

De-compactor / Infill Collector

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