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Sports Surface Rejuvenation

Inappropriate maintenance procedures, over time, will result in playing surfaces losing their all-weather playing capabilities. If your synthetic playing surface is showing signs of poor drainage then rejuvenation may be required.

The signs are as follows:-

  1. The appearance of numerous and persistent puddles after light rainfall.
  2. Slimey residues appearing on the playing surface after surface waters have subsided.
  3. Infill ‘waste’ spreading to the outside of the playing surface after heavy rainfall.
  4. The surface becoming dangerously slippery, especially in ‘wet’ conditions.

All of the above impacts upon health and safety requirements. Furthermore, as the surface will only be ‘playable’ on fair weather days, the interruption to scheduled games will also contribute to client dissatisfaction.

The rejuvenation process:

  • Surface detritus and vegetation is removed from the playing surface.
  • Specialist decompaction machinery releases compacted infill.
  • Specialist extraction equipment removes all contaminated infill from the synthetic carpet.
  • Contaminated infill is removed from site in 1 tonne bags for recycling.
  • Dressing and levelling of new infill to appropriate pile height levels.
  • The process takes 14 days for a full size pitch.

Once a playing surface has been rejuvenated we will offer a professional maintenance programme. This will ensure that the all weather capabilities of the surface are maintained.

For more information on our Rejuvenation services please call us on the following numbers:

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