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Sports Maintenance Services not only troubleshoot and diagnose issues across hard and synthetic tennis courts, but also maintain, refurbish and install.

Correct and regular maintenance of your tennis court will not only extend the life of the court by upwards of 30%, but will also maximise players’ safety and satisfaction

We are the UK’s official installation agent for SmashCourt and Porous Kushion Kourt tennis systems, making us the best choice for tennis court repair, maintenance and replacement. As a new customer, you will receive a complimentary site survey, where we troubleshoot key areas that could affect your court.

“Your team have done a brilliant job on our court – it looks brand new again!”

Tennis Court Repair

Surface Levels

Surfaces are carefully examined and any potential health and safety hazards are identified such as cracks or bumps which would cause trips or falls. We would be able to perform the following repairs:

  • Patch repairs
  • Infra ray heat treatment on cracks or holes
  • Treating root encroachment
  • Re-levelling and disk cutting of subsidence

Tennis Court Repairs

Court Porosity


We will inspect for silt residue and common signs of “ponding” which could lead to slipping hazards.

Moss & Algae


As well as looking unsightly, a mossy surface will lead to falls so is a health and safety hazard.



Compaction due to extensive use can lead to drainage issues and can compromise safety for players.

Infill Levels


Checking that the correct infill levels are maintained slows down the chances of losing traction and also makes playing on the court safer.

Pile Height for synthetic carpets


Checking the pile height in all areas of the court can predict the length of time a court has left before repair is needed.

flood damage


Artificial surfaces are prone to flood waters. Advance planning and strategies for clean-ups will minimise health and safety issues.


Professional Service

With so many years in the business, we pride ourselves on quickly diagnosing any issues and then getting to work to immediately stop and fix them.

We understand that the most important thing for you is that your tennis court is repaired and ready to be used in the fastest turnaround possible, which is why we don’t waste time and instead get things solved as soon as we can.

Why choose Sports Maintenance?

  • Ensures Manufacturer’s product guarantees for up to 7 years (conditional on maintenance).
  • Installation guarantees for up 7 years (conditional on maintenance).
  • Product knowledge and an understanding of problems occurring due to incorrect maintenance procedures.
  • Specialist de-compaction equipment with a 10 year track record of success in maintaining pitches across Europe
  • Specialist chemicals and chemical equipment for the treatment of weeds, moss and algae.
  • Specialist paints and line marking equipment for marking out or remarking lines on synthetic surfaces.

Hard Tennis Courts

Before / After Sutton Tennis Club

Our latest project has been the Sutton tennis club, which was in need of a total revamp. There were drainage issues that needed to be addressed in order to keep the tennis courts in tip-top condition

Sutton Tennis Club

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